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9 Months of Pregnancy is How Many Weeks?

9 Months of Pregnancy is How Many Weeks? [Updated 22nd August 2019]. The stage of Pregnancy is divided into trimesters, Like First, Second and Third. So, let’s Start The Topic  About 9 Months of Pregnancy Below:

For every pregnant woman, feeling a new life developed is one of the best experience. Although the feeling might not be at the best stage with the coming delivery period. Pregnancy outcomes vary for every woman to women.

The symptoms of Pregnancy might last from weeks to months, showing some uneven discomfort that is for a temporary period only. Pregnancy is a ten-month-long journey faced by every woman. Where normal stage lasts for at least forty weeks, starting from the day of the menstrual cycle of woman.

The stage of Pregnancy is divided into trimesters, where each stage lasts for twelve to thirteen weeks. With the arrival of every single trimester, several changes are observed on the woman body, including the developing fetus. For example, Pregnancy 10 Weeks, 9 Months of Pregnancy and Pregnancy at 6 Weeks has varied effects on the body.

Concept of Pregnancy Stages

As soon as the two weeks of the menstrual cycle completes, a woman ovulates, and the ovaries excrete a mature egg. These eggs may take twelve to twenty-four hours to fertilize, after it’s released and gets traveled to the Fallopian tube.

Once the eggs meet the sperm cell that traveled to the Fallopian tube, it gets combined to one cell, and that process is known as fertilization.

During the fertilization process, the chromosomes decide whether its X or Y from a single sperm cell. If the egg experiences X chromosome receipt, the baby will be a female, and the Y chromosomes lead to baby male.

It might take up to three to four days for the embryo to get forward in the lining of the uterus. Once the fertilized egg gets implanted, the cell growth starts to grow, becoming fetus that transports oxygen and vital nutrients to developing a fetus. This happens throughout the pregnancy period, where pregnancy week six is highly complicated.

Things to Remember

When you get to know that you’re pregnant, the planning will start according to each week. The question might arise every time with the growing stage as what to eat? What to exercise? And what regular tests to continue? 9 Months of Pregnancy?

You are carrying twin babies or multiples might create more questions for Pregnancy planning. What weight to gain? How to prevent excess labor? How many hours of best rest do you need?

Whether it’s about 6-week Pregnancy or 16 Week Pregnancy that planning should be done under the supervision of a physician. You need to learn about various nutritional intakes and things to avoid during such period. Every healthy exercise or workout plan should be checked to keep the body healthy.

First trimester (weeks 1-12) of Pregnancy

There are a lot of changes and symptoms experienced during the first trimester of the pregnancy period, where many hormonal changes begin to take place. When Pregnancy at 6 weeks with Pregnancy 10 weeks happens, there might not be many changes outside the body, but internal changes start to take place.

The visibility of chorionic gonadotrophin starts to appear inside the woman’s blood. At Pregnancy 12 weeks these Levels are detected in high quantity inside the woman urine, after missing the menstrual period.

Further Pregnancy symptoms are visible with the hormonal changes taking place inside the woman body. They might experience morning sickness and nausea due to the high level of estrogen and HCG hormone. Pregnancy 12 weeks leads to these uneven symptoms that are temporary.

A woman might receive a tired feel throughout the day during her first trimester, which occurs with the high secretion of progesterone hormone. Here high urinating symptoms occur during the day with the uterus growth. The breasts might get swollen during early Pregnancy period. The areolas, skin besides the nipple might get enlarged and darkened.

Pregnancy at 14 weeks leads to a slow digestion process inside the body with increased nutrition absorption. However, reduced digestion may lead to constipation, gas, and heartburn.

The woman’s heart works harder during the pregnancy stage. A lift to heartbeat accelerates the blood circulation to the uterus that gets supplied to fetus. With high blood flow to a woman’s face, it makes their skin experience a rose complexion. Mood swings, anxiety, weepiness, stress, and emotional changes are easily visible during the first 16 weeks of Pregnancy.

Development of Embryo

Embryo resembles as a developing baby that arrives during the 8 Week of Pregnancy. With the completion of the first month, the arms, lungs, heart, brain, nerves, and spinal cord begin to form.

During the second month, the embryo takes the shape of a kidney bean, proliferating. Here the wrists, eyelids, fingers, bones, genitals, ankles, and ears begin to develop. Here a Pregnant lady should stay away from the inclusion of harmful medications, alcohol, and smoking habits.

The arrival of the third month of the Pregnancy muscles, fingers, buds, bones, and toes start to grow. Intestine development starts to begin, and skin visibility is almost transparent. This is a highly complicated stage where most of the miscarriage occurs.

Second trimester (week 13-27) Of Pregnancy

By the arrival of the second trimester, after the 16 weeks of Pregnancy, the unpleasant symptoms may reduce or disappear because the body is now very much adjusted to the hormone circulation.

A woman might feel relaxed now with comfortable sleep, and enhanced energy level of the body compared to that appeared before Pregnancy at 6 weeks.

The symptoms of vomiting and nausea may fade away completely. But there might be other health concerns arrival since the fetus is in its developing stage.

The pelvic pressure is higher in this period. Baby bump starts to take place with a slight increase in its size due to the growth of the uterus. The skin around the belly segment might get an itchy feel because it starts to stretch.

With the increase in the size of the fetus, an advanced growing stage of Pregnancy, the weight size accelerates, and she may experience some back pain issues.

During the first 16 weeks of Pregnancy, a woman may get fluttering movements of the fetus. A feel of fetus kicking is experienced during the second delivery stage because their body is now more prone to those habits and changes occurring.

It’s almost the halfway stage of the Pregnancy period. A woman might feel good at this stage; there are fewer chances of experiencing a miscarriage with premature labor pain. Here health experts discourage the air travel as might be risky.

Development of Fetus

The fetus is increasing in the second trimester and is 3 to 5 inches long. If parents want to know the sex of the baby, it could be easily detected with an ultrasound. 

By the completion of fourth-month eyebrows, fingernails, eyelashes, and neck get wrinkle like structure. The legs and arms may bend; the function of the kidney starts to commute and produces urine. The fetus will swallow with the growing time.

The fifth month of the Pregnancy gives fetus active movements that could be felt inside the body. The fetus sleeps and wakes actively according to its cycle. Lanugo is a tiny hair structure that works to shelter the fetal skin.

By the sixth month, hair growth is visible, eyes are now open, and brain growth is active. However, lungs might not function during this stage, but they are developed.

Third trimester (weeks 28-40) Of Pregnancy

The arrival of the third trimester may make a woman feel short of breath because her lungs occupy less room to expand, with the enlarged uterus pushing up against the diaphragm. A swelling is experienced at her feet, ankles, face, and hands with reduced blood circulation. 9 Months of Pregnancy?

Slight pain around the pelvis and hips area might occur, including backaches since these joints are preparing themselves for the delivery.

A leakage of yellow liquid, colostrum, is experienced during the third trimester, as it is now ready for the breastfeeding. The position of the baby body drops in the lower abdomen.

The final week’s Pregnancy might make a woman uncomfortable to explore a comforting sleep position, making her tired throughout the day. The women now enjoy the experience of getting Pregnant.

Development of Fetus

Now the fetus stretches and kicks during the seventh month before the delivery period. It might even respond to a sound and light, and eyes are now open.

The eight-month of Pregnancy brings a weight gain to fetus structure quickly. Here the bones are hard with a soft skull, making it convenient and flexible for the delivery. The brain is now completely developed with new cell growth.  

The ninth month is the final stage as the fetus is ready to deliver a baby, with a head-down position inside the pelvis. The lungs are mature to function. The fetus is gaining its weight quickly. 

6 Weeks Pregnant

Now as you are 6 Week Pregnant, the little one of yours is developing quickly inside. The neural tubes start to get closed, and that takes the shape of the spinal cord of the baby inside.

In this week the areas becoming ears and eyes will show a bump, and tiny buds formed will take the shape of arms and legs. In an ultrasound test heartbeat of about 105 beats, each minute could be noticed easily, with the development of the nervous system.

The mouth, inner ears, lungs, and nose will take shape soon. After this week, the present breathing tubes will receive a form of the throat and the lungs. The size of an embryo will be between 0.08 to 0.2 inches.

8 Weeks Pregnant

During Pregnancy at 8 Weeks, the hands and feet start to take shape, and the arms are flexible now with the wrist and elbow appearance. The pigment of the eye begins development with the formation of genitals. However, here you may not detect whether it’s a boy or a girl.

The size of intestine forms now where they occupy a space in the umbilical cord. The intestines are currently working to carry waste products from the body. Soon the intestine will come out of the cord. In this week, your little one would be a shape of 0.5 to 0.6 inch.

10 Weeks Pregnant

In a few short weeks, during Pregnancy at 10 Weeks, your baby has covered a great journey. The head is now taking a round shape like other humans. All internal organs are now in their place and slowly start to work. Tooth buds are growing fast now in tiny shape.

The baby’s toes and fingers grow longer in the shape, eyes, ears, and eyelids are almost developed, but might take some time to develop ultimately. The fetus size is almost now of the size of a strawberry.

12 Weeks Pregnant

During Pregnancy at 12 Weeks, the first trimester is almost at its end; your baby is now busy. The vital organs of the body are at its right place, including the sex organs development. However, it’s too early to determine the sex of the baby. The baby is now a size of the fruit of almost 2.5 inches.

The heartbeat of the baby is now audible with some tests, during the weekly checkup. The eyelids of the baby are fully formed now, fused. The hands of the baby are more developed, and arms are longer compared to legs. The baby is now moving a little bit but it’s too early stage to judge the movements.

14 Weeks Pregnant

9 Months of Pregnancy? Your baby is now learning some new movements during Pregnancy at 14 Weeks. The eyes are now moving with legs more flexible, including the arms. It helps the baby to lean hands and mouth movement skills.

Taste buds are developing quickly with the sensation of smell, and the skin is now thicker. Hair follicles start to form in the skin surface.

You’ll have to wait and see if your baby will be born with a full head of hair or not, but right now, hair follicles are forming under the surface of the skin.

With the passage of each week, the baby is now getting the shape of a little person. The genitals are entirely developed, but you need to wait for a few more weeks to determine the sex.

The Conclusion

So, these were some symptoms and theories associated with 9 months of pregnancy that varies among every woman body. This is one of the most beautiful experience for every lady, but that requires special instruction and care. You should regularly make a visit to your doctor’s clinic and get checkups. In case any deal or worst symptoms arrive you should not waste your time because that might be risky your baby and your own health. I am sure now you would be pleased after reading this review described in essential points above. Every stage asks for different food and changes to the lifestyle, so adjust yourself according to keep safe and get a healthy deliver in the end.

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