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Best Weight Loss Before And After Tips You Will Read This Year {Updated 2019}

Today We Will Discuss About The Rules For Weight Loss Before And After in This Article. I  Think, This Will be Helpful To You. So Let’s Start The Topic. Today obesity concerns and weight gain issues have occupied an epidemic place in the society. It is happening not because humans have transformed into eating machines, but maintaining an ideal shape becomes a challenge today. And the availability of junk and processed foods, it becomes a slippery slope to stay in shape and get rid of obesity.

The saddest part of the story is weight gain issues bring several health issues, which is never a good sign to experience. In the cold time, it might become more challenging to maintain the best shape of the body. You need to apply for some change that might be hard to adopt but brings improvement with weight loss process.

My name is Tim Ferris, and I followed four simple rules that transformed my body from fat to fit. There is a possibility to shed 20 pounds of body fat in a month by optimizing factors such as weight loss workouts, diet foods, or supplementation sources. In the period of six weeks, I reduced about 190 lbs. To 175 lbs, while adding about 10 pounds of muscle, where I lost about 25 lbs of the body fat.

The Rules For Weight Loss Before And After Below:

Rule1: Avoid white carbohydrate sources

It means that you should avoid all possible carbohydrate sourced foods. Foods, including cereal, fried food, rice, potatoes, bread, and pasta are prohibited, within 1.5 hours of weight loss workouts. You will be safe if you avoid white carbohydrates as long as possible.

Rule2: Take Healthy meals regularly

Every successful dieter follows a habit of eating healthy meals over and over again. You may eat or mix these given sources for best possible results such as Chicken breast or thigh, Peas, Spinach, Black beans, pork, mixed vegetables, and Asparagus. You need to keep it simple and possibly combine three of four meals to include in the diet regularly.

Rule 3: Avoid Calorie Drinks

For success to obesity concerns drink plenty of water that is free from added sweeteners. You may include unsweetened iced tea, coffee, low- calorie drink, and diet soda. Avoid soft drinks, milk, or any alcoholic contents to your routine. However, you may include one glass of wine each evening.

Rule4: Some Rest for Recovery

I recommend every enthusiast to give light rest to the body during weekends. I am allowed to take my favorite ice cream and pastry during the rest period. My everyday routine included 10 am light breakfast, 1pm lunch, 5 pm small portion of lunch, 8 pm training time, and 10 pm dinner.

Weight Loss Tips

My name is Brenda, who loved varieties of chicken dishes, potatoes, and fried eggs. As I got older, my body weight dramatically increased,” she says. “I tried to fix obesity issues with the inclusion of diet pills and powders. They worked amazingly, but as soon as I quit taking them, the size bounced back again, making me look bulky”.

Brenda reached to her kitchen with a concerned face, where all flavors of fatty breakfast meats and biscuits were sent to the dustbin. That got replaced to foods with vegetables, fruit, and fish. The switch to the diet was convenient than it appeared earlier.

The next step she included was regular exercise. Walking on a treadmill to the limit became a habit that helped to lose 150 pounds in 12 months,” she says. These are the best weight loss tips that you should include for successful weight loss journey, claims Brenda.

Best Weight Loss Exercises

Every individual is well aware of the fact that exercise is the key to success for better health, but when it’s meant to lose weight, the presence becomes highly essential. The question of concern here is where to start? So, let’s discuss some essential weight loss exercises that target your muscles, improve metabolism, and burn additional calories. With every rep, you get one step closer towards weight loss success.

Explosive Lunges

It is a high-intensity workout style that helps to torch vital calories and makes you sweat a lot. You may start it as follows:

  • Commence first with feet together, hands back on the hips. Take a step forward with the right leg in the front.
  • Bend the body, so that right leg reaches a 90-degree angle. Take a jump up, switch legs in the air, and end with left leg appearing in front.


Squats are highly preferred weight loss exercises where you’re entire lower body and core is engaged.

  • Keep your feet hip-width apart; put your arms at the sides. The entire body weight should be on your heels, start lowering legs and raising arms.
  • Keep your back straight and gently lower it down till the thighs are parallel to the floor. You are requested to repeat the step thrice with 15 reps each.

Jump Rope

Jump rope is more than you consider as a gym activity. It acts as a toner for healthy weight loss process. You may challenge your body for jump rope function with several minutes of jumping done frequently.

Consider your jump activity with its length by holding the rope in hands. Start the process with feet together, your elbow towards the ribs, and hands at the side of jump rope. Jump with every single swing of the rope and continue the step for at least one minute.

Circuit Training

Circuit training is one of the best steps to perform multiple exercise steps. Keep your focus on the lower and upper body with a high-intensity level. You may move across from heavyweight lift to light exercise, with a minute of rest between each set. Take some rest after a set to help the body recover quickly.


Here you only need to prepare yourself every morning and a pair of sneakers and start for a happy weight loss running. Promote your feet uphill that accelerates calorie burning process. Keep your hands and arms bent towards ninety-degree angle. If you plan for an indoor running workout, then start with a treadmill for best results. Do not keep your arms crossing over the body because that tends to waste precious energy of the body.


Ok, many might fight it challenging to work out or have a regular running habit. In such a case you may try a few laps in a swimming pool. This is considered to be a low-impact exercise that works to function in various muscle groups. You may tread water for an extended interval by keeping the body upright in the deep end and keeping your legs and arms afloat, followed by a two-minute rest.

Weight Loss Running

The purpose of every runner today is to lose weight and get in slim shape quickly. The best news is that for weight loss purpose, running hard is the best activity along with a healthy eating plan. Exercise is a smart move, but what food you consider for eating plays an important role. Running is a simplified style to lose weight and accelerate the cardiovascular function of the body.

Do not misjudge yourself with excess running habit. If you are running fast for excess weight loss, you might end up getting several injuries. You need to give your body a proper break for quick recovery.

Running made for a short duration of fewer than sixty minutes requires you to take plenty of water to stay hydrated. If you go through longer runs, under humid and hot weather, including electrolytes and carbohydrates, leads to accelerate the performance level. Taking a sip of some natural sports drink with water is the best way for long running.

For successful weight loss running, you need to add varieties and avoid performing the same workout every day. You may mix the activity with light runs someday, with a fast tempo runs on other days. This would help to boost muscle build and shed calories.

Sometimes during the intense running phase, individuals misjudge it with excess calorie intake habit. There is a myth that traditional running requires extra calorie intake. When it’s asked about weight loss, you can’t afford to go beyond the calorie intake limit. However, if you naturally feel hungry after running, try performing that activity before your meal hours.

Additional Weight Loss Tips

Dieting for weight loss makes the human body to adapt with fewer quantity of food, reducing the energy consumption process. In short, the body starts working under new condition, conserving fewer pounds. Here with reduced cravings, the body does not go under cholesterol build anymore.

Monitor Your Diet Chart

You may also include a simple calorie chart to trick the body, which is considered as best weight loss tips. Opt for 1,000 or 1,200 kcal twice in a week with zero carbohydrates. The other days you may find 1,500 kcal diet with fewer amount of carbs. With this particular trick, the metabolic rate of the body remains stable and creates a caloric deficit.

Include Protein- Fiber-Enriched Foods

The strategy to go with Low-carbohydrate diets is an ideal style to shed pounds quickly. The addition of fiber and protein enriched foods keeps the body full and controls hunger strike. A lump of low-fat meat opts to be the best choice instead of going towards sweet fruit. Carbohydrates have the intensity to raise the insulin that accelerates hunger cravings.

Bad Sleep Gives Worst Results

It is discovered scientifically that a bad sleep never supports healthy weight loss function. Stress factors restrict the metabolism and accelerate hunger strike, creating a barrier towards weight loss process. So be sure to have enough sleep while you are on a diet.

Eat Tasty Food

If you resist yourself against tasty food eating, then brain might give a message to include a piece of cake or chocolate. This would provide enough joy similar to those achieved with high carbs food. So, every diet expert today recommends going with a small portion of prohibited foods. That allows the brain to have proper control of the hunger strike.

Take Oatmeal

According to the American Health Journal, consuming oatmeals result in keeping the body full of hunger cravings. Adding such powder to your breakfast bowl triggers the butyrate production, which is a fatty acid that prevents inflammation. In a Canadian study, it proved that foods sourced with insoluble fiber included less percentage of ghrelin. So prepare yourself to cook some quick oats tossed with berries, chocolates, and nuts.

Include Eggs

Starting your breakfast meal with protein-rich meal tends to pace the fat-burning ability of the body. Egg yolks include choline, which is a nutrient loaded with fat melting properties and brings a delicious taste to enjoy.

Zero Carbohydrates Not a Good Selection

Restricting your body with zero carbohydrates inclusion is termed as best to lose weight. A zero carb diet gives me a worried feel every time. Slashing the carbs intake might restrict the daily nutritional intake of the body such as minerals, prebiotics, vitamins, antioxidants, and fiber. This shortfall is sufficient to reduce immunity, cognitive health, and accelerate heart disease, chronic disorder, and Alzheimer.

The minimum required fiber quantity for a healthy body is 25 gram, which is available widely in varieties of foods enriched in carbohydrates. Diet having high fiber leads to reduce heart disease, brain stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure, digestive upset, and obesity.

You are never allowed to remain with a zero-carb diet for a long duration because it brings nasty health deficiency. So, you need to include protein and fiber based foods that play a vital role in accelerating health status.

Final Verdict

There are millions of success stories associated with weight loss. Not all reviews are termed as fake; sincerity leads to positive outcomes. If you ever feel discomfort with overweight concerns, then read all before and after weight loss stories to boost confidence. Nothing comes impossible when you skip unhealthy eating and lifestyle. Get trained with a decent health expert, take nutritional meals, and possibly avoid those magic weight loss pills and powders. So make your body a resistance machine and enjoy your every happy moment with no discomfort.

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